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"Petya": What We Know So Far

Posted on June 27 , 2017

It has been exactly 46 days since the news of the NHS hack broke and now we are faced with another ransomware attack.

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Tech Week at the White House

Posted on June 23 , 2017

On Monday, the Trump Administrations met with leaders in the technology industry.Here is what we learned.

The American Technology Council, run by Jared Kushner, falls under The White House Office of American Innovation. The mission of this council is to"promote the secure, efficient, and economical use of information technology".

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Public Wifi: What You Need to Know

Posted on June 19 , 2017

Think using  public wifi is safe? Think again!

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Are You Secure When Working Remotely?

Posted on June 15 , 2017

It should come as no surprise that the financial sector is the single most targeted industry when it comes to cyber attacks. Financial institutions face 300 % more cyber-attacks that any other sector. The threat has gotten so far out of hand that numerous government agencies fear these cyber criminals are the biggest threat to bank stability. According to SEC Chair Mary Jo White, cyber-attacks are such a grave concern that it overtakes terrorism in the Division of Intelligence’s list of global threats. There is one practice in particular that puts financial institutions at risk of a hack: Working Remote.  

In the JP Morgan breach of 2014, 83 million customer records were compromised.  That is 83 Million records stolen in just ONE breach. This incident is "the largest theft of customer data" and it all started with one employee working from home. 

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SEC and Risk: Would You Pass?

Posted on June 12 , 2017

Small businesses often think that they’re relatively safe from cyber-attacks. Aren’t hackers, after all, only interested in big fish? Unfortunately, SMBs are just as vulnerable.  If fact, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 71% of cyberattacks take place at businesses with less than 100 employees. It only takes a single data breach to irreparably bring down an entire business.

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