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Data Breach Scenario: BYOD

Posted on June 29 , 2018

Companies around the globe have identified the convenience of employees bringing their own device to work. In fact, 82% of companies allow the use of personal devices for work, but out of those companies, which support BYOD, 50% were breached through an employee’s personal device.

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Data Breach: Weak Configuration

Posted on June 26 , 2018

Weak Configuration: An Open Invitation for Cyber Exploitation

Technology devices don’t have a corner on weak configurations. System network configurations can be just as weak - especially when it comes to password protection.

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Data Breach Scenario: The Human Element

Posted on June 21 , 2018

While the news sensationalizes cyber threats from bad actors and nation states, the reality is that the largest threat to organizations are their own employees and contractors. Humans are vulnerable and prone to fall victim to schemes aimed at gaining access to company networks. For their part, the hackers are sly and cunning and know how to take advantage of a weak link. When organizations take the initiative to learn about common data breach scenarios, they can better prepare and protect themselves.

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Data Breach Scenario: Malicious Software

Posted on June 19 , 2018

According to research from the Verizon RISK Team, few breaches are unique, meaning the vast majority of incidents are caused by a small number of scenarios. Verizon classifies 18 different data breach scenarios into four groups; the human element, conduit devices, configuration exploitation and malicious software. For the purposes of this article we will focus on the malicious software that makes organizations vulnerable.

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Criteria for Evaluating EMM/ MDM Solutions

Posted on June 14 , 2018

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)/ MDM

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Is It Time For A Network Security Audit?

Posted on June 07 , 2018

What is a security audit and how often should your company issue a routine check? Just like your annual checkup, it is wise to do the same for your network. Fairdinkum recommends that a company undergo a routine security audit once every quarter.

If you don't know where to start, start here by checking out our security audit checklist below!

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How to Identify a Phishing Email

Posted on June 05 , 2018

Before you open that very legitimate-looking email, I just want you to pause a second. If you don’t know already, phishing is an attack via e-mail that aims to gather your personal information. Whether it be passwords, account numbers, pins or social security numbers– you do not want that information in the wrong hands. The goal of this email is to look legitimate enough that you don’t see any concern in opening it. Over the years, people have become more savvy in spotting suspicious emails, but as we get smarter, so do hackers.

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