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Where is the Cloud Headed?

Posted on May 11 , 2017

Not too many years ago, few companies were brave enough to run their mission-critical business applications in the cloud. Fast forward to today, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a single company that isn’t using cloud computing in some form or another – and some that are actually running their entire business in the cloud. With such a rapid rate of change, how can today’s enterprises (and their IT organizations) keep pace with the cloud and ensure they capitalize on it going forward?

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The Rise of the Hybrid Cloud Bandwagon

Posted on May 05 , 2017

What’s behind the mass appeal of the hybrid cloud model? 

Here’s the deal: many organizations still rely on their on-premise, legacy systems but want to take advantage of the cloud. Reasons such as cost, complexity and security prevent organizations from a full cloud migration. At the same time,  IDC reports that 92 percent or organizations have digital business initiatives; 90 percent called digital business “a top IT priority”, and 44 percent called it their number-one priority.


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Email Security: More Crucial Than Ever

Posted on May 01 , 2017

In today’s hyper-connected world, email-based communications are not just commonplace – they are a fundamental cornerstone for effectively conducting business.  

Emails offer hackers a vehicle to exploit a variety of vulnerabilities in an organization and we want to make sure you’re protected. 

Most email threats fall into one of these seven categories:

  1. Malware
  2. Ransomware
  3. Phishing
  4. Spear Phising/ Whaling
  5. Business EMail Compromise
  6. Spam
  7. Outbound Email Hijacking


One of our partners, Sonicwall, put together a great brief that details:

  • The 7 types of email threats mentioned above
  • What your email security solution should include


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What you don't know about Ransomware

Posted on April 25 , 2017

Ransomware is a type of malware that quite literally holds your data for ransom until you pay a fine. Malware (short for malicious software) refers to any software used to gain access to a computer or network with the intent to gather private information or disrupt operations. There are many types of Malware, but ransomware is among the most common, in part because you often do most of the work.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Cyber Security Posture

Posted on April 20 , 2017

Data security is a top priority for every organization from retail and finance to healthcare and government and everyone in-between. Blocking malicious access and activity is not an easy endeavor as we have seen from the high profile breaches in recent years. Once inside, hackers essentially have had unfettered access to launch an attack as the time to detection has been notoriously slow.

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