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5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Social Media Phishing

Posted on October 20 , 2018

Phishing is the practice of imitating a company to obtain sensitive information. This information might include credit card details for the purposes of defrauding customers, for example, or employee passwords in order to gain unauthorized access to company data.

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What to Do When Your Website is Hacked

Posted on October 18 , 2018

Having your website hacked is a stressful experience. Perhaps you’ve typed in your URL one day and found that your website redirects to a questionable site, or even that it’s disappeared altogether. Or perhaps your website is running just fine, but you have an inkling that it’s been compromised behind the scenes.

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What’s the Difference Between Malware and Ransomware?

Posted on October 16 , 2018

Malware is one of the fastest-growing cyber threats facing businesses today, with a new threat emerging every 4.2 seconds. The term ‘malware’ is often used interchangeably with ransomware, but there are some key differences between the two.

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Data Breach: The importance of protecting your customer data

Posted on October 15 , 2018

In today’s digital world, customer data is one of the most valuable currencies. Unfortunately, that makes it an incredibly attractive target for hackers, phishers, and other cyber criminals. In fact, an estimated 158,727 pieces of customer data are stolen every single hour.

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Why Hiring a vCIO May Be Right for You

Posted on July 17 , 2018

Don’t have an onsite IT person? No problem!

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