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Budgeting Your Next IT Project

Posted on July 06 , 2018

Having trouble figuring out what steps you need to take in order to get your IT plans into action? You’re not alone, nor should you worry about what needs to get done when delving into such a complex venture. First and foremost, constructing a budget for your organization is your primary step and honestly, the hardest part. In order to do so, you must compile your company’s goals, values and IT objectives and determine if you will be updating your existing infrastructure and plans, or starting from scratch.

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Understaffed? 5 Ways Outsourcing IT Can Help

Posted on July 03 , 2018

CIOs are challenged to balance the tactical 'keep the lights on’ activity with more strategic opportunities for digital transformation that predict the future success of the company. For example, while migration to the cloud promises overall cost savings for IT departments, there is a substantial outlay of resources at the stages for planning and implementation – when budgets are tight, and expertise is lacking, this is hard to achieve.

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Data Breach Scenario: BYOD

Posted on June 29 , 2018

Companies around the globe have identified the convenience of employees bringing their own device to work. In fact, 82% of companies allow the use of personal devices for work, but out of those companies, which support BYOD, 50% were breached through an employee’s personal device.

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Data Breach: Weak Configuration

Posted on June 26 , 2018

Weak Configuration: An Open Invitation for Cyber Exploitation

Technology devices don’t have a corner on weak configurations. System network configurations can be just as weak - especially when it comes to password protection.

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Data Breach Scenario: The Human Element

Posted on June 21 , 2018

While the news sensationalizes cyber threats from bad actors and nation states, the reality is that the largest threat to organizations are their own employees and contractors. Humans are vulnerable and prone to fall victim to schemes aimed at gaining access to company networks. For their part, the hackers are sly and cunning and know how to take advantage of a weak link. When organizations take the initiative to learn about common data breach scenarios, they can better prepare and protect themselves.

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